How To Sell a House During a Divorce

A divorce is not always easy. It is a rare couple indeed who goes through a divorce without going through issues that involve assets and liabilities. These issues are usually complicated, particularly if they are shared properties, such as a house, involved.

This is particularly made difficult if one partner wants to sell and the other wants to keep the house. The best way to sell a house during a divorce is to a cash for houses investor or a “We Buy Ugly Houses” company in your area.

Potential Positives

  1. Savings on fees. A buyer won’t have to deal with loan origination fees, lender fees, and other closing costs associated with a traditional loan.
  2. Quicker to the close. Cash purchase tend to happen much faster than with those needing to seek financing.
  3. The big one – No interest fees. Over the length of a 30 year mortgage, the homeowner ends up paying potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the cost of doing business without cash–but only for the buyer. The seller will get the cash, and the only headache will be taxes, but that’s another article.
  4. Better pricing? It is quite possible a seller will be willing to lower the price of the house if the buyer is bringing all cash to the table.


Potential Negatives

  1. Lower pricing. As mentioned earlier, one negative for the seller is that your buyer may be looking for a better price if paying cash.
  2. Investment money stuck in the house. As a cash buyer, you will have a large amount of money tied up in the house. If the housing market goes down, so does your “investment.”
  3. Missing out on tax breaks. There are a lot of tax advantages when buying with a mortgage, but with the 2017 tax overhaul, these plusses have been reduced a bit.

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Selling The House During Divorce

Deciding To Sell:

The most common reason why a couple would want to sell the house during divorce is financial. In most cases, the couple shared the mortgage payments on the house, likely paying off using two incomes.

If one or both parties cannot afford to pay the mortgage, property taxes, upkeep, and insurance on their own, it is much better to just simply sell the house.


One important thing to remember when selling the house during divorce is that whether a spouse lives in the house or not doesn’t preclude them from having any interest in what is done to the property.

A house that is a community property, such as one that the couple paid for together or mortgaged after they were married, can lead to complications after the marriage ends.

For example, the couple has to discuss who will pay for the property taxes, insurance, and mortgage after they are separated.


Before selling the house, identify any issues that need repairs and maintenance. In most cases, you will need the assistance of an appraiser to determine the value of the property.

Knowing how much it would go for in the market will help you make any subsequent decisions from hereon.

After all, most divorce agreements will involve a split of the equity or the price of the house.

To increase the chances of making a quick sale, make sure that the home is prepared and that any issues are repaired, replaced, or upgraded.

Since this will require some expense, it is important to discuss who will be paying or how the cost will be split. A divorce lawyer could help you decide on how to go about the process, especially if it will impact the split on the profit once the house is sold.

It is also a good idea to discuss who will be in charge of the showings once the house is up for sale. At this point, the couple must already have agreed on the lowest price they will settle for.

You also need to work with a licensed real estate agent who will ensure that your listing receives the best price possible. In some cases, the agent will have to mediate in case there are disagreements between spouses.

If any issue comes up, make sure to discuss the matter in a civil manner or course your opinion/decision through your divorce attorney or agent.

This is especially important once you begin receiving offers from potential buyers.


After the sale is completed, the division of the profit should be handled by your lawyers. Divorce laws regarding shared properties vary by state.

If you live in a community property state, for example, any property obtained or purchased during your marriage will be considered equally owned.

Responsibility for expenses made for the property will also vary and should be considered on agreements that your divorce attorneys struck on your behalf. If you are unsure about what is due to you, consult your lawyer.

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The main concern about properties during a divorce is this:

Who gets what?

Here are some options to consider:

  1. The property is sold and equity is divided between the couple.
  2. A partner purchases the house and other legal interests so he/she can keep the property.
  3. A partner continues to use and occupy the house until a pre-agreed-upon time period, such as when the youngest child is 18, after which the house is sold and the equity is divided between partners.

Deciding on which partner/spouse gets the house after a divorce will depend largely on many factors. After all, every divorce is different and any agreement will be affected by how cooperative or disagreeable either partner is.


Other possible options exist. You could consider co-owning your house and living as roommates. Or you could even consider something like dividing the house into half by putting up walls or barriers for privacy.

Some couples that have gone through a divorce end up keeping the house and treating it as a timeshare, co-signing an apartment lease, and splitting their time between the two properties.

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How Can I Sell My House During a Divorce?

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