Tips To Selling Your House For Cash Without an Agent

Realtors, agents, and brokers are probably the more helpful people that you can have by your side if you’re planning to sell a house.

However, let’s face it — they are costly. The commissions they charge come up to around 6% on average. Although this may seem like a small amount, it can reach thousands of dollars, which is already a big thing for regular property owners.

That said, it’s understandable why you’d want to know how to sell a house for cash without a realtor around. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways how you can do so. This is what we’re going to walk you through in the following sections.

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How To Sell a House By Owner

That said, it’s understandable why you’d want to know how to sell a house for cash without a realtor around. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways how you can do so. This is what we’re going to walk you through in the following sections.

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How To Sell a House For Cash Without a Realtor


One of the easiest ways to sell your house for cash is by selling it to your acquaintances, close friends, and even family members. It’s convenient since there is already a formed trust between you, the seller, and whoever your buyer is. Not to mention, it will be easier for you to communicate and organize cash payments.

Note, though, that you will still need to work with a legal professional, no matter how close you are to your buyer. You will be able to fully avoid possible issues by doing so.


If you’re not going to work with a realtor, your top priority should be to find possible buyers.

To do this, start with property listing platforms like Craigslist, Oodle, Zillow,, and more. You can also add it to your own website if you already have one. Making a whole new website can also help, but it can be a lot of work for regular homeowners.


Another thing that you can do to gather prospects is manually advertising your property online. Using social media sites is one of the most effective ways around.

Here are some platforms that you should consider:

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Instagram
  3. Youtube
  4. Tiktok
  5. Twitter

Just make sure that you include complete details in your post. Specifically, it should state the price, your preferred payment method, which is cash, the location, and more.


Cash house buyers, iBuyers, or companies that buys houses for cash in your area that have access to cash and can close quickly. Some are local we buy houses investors, while some are nationwide fast cash home buying companies. Either way, they usually buy properties directly from homeowners and don’t need a bank approval or have repair contingency’s. This is a fast and convenient way of selling your house without a realtor since once all documents are taken care of, one can expect to receive the their cash within days or a few weeks at the close of escrow.

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Now that you know a few different ways to sell your house for cash without a realtor. You can feel more confident about how to get your property sold quickly on your own without an agent for a good price.

Remember that since you’re not going to be working with a real estate agent, you have to take more caution. Doing so will help you avoid issues like scams, fraudulent offers, low ball offers, and the likes.

In addition, you should not skip hiring an experience real estate attorney or a title company to protect your interest in the sale and close escrow. They will be able to help you better organize the necessary paperwork and legal documents necessary for your state.


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