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“We buy houses for a living. Our passion, however, is helping people.”

Why Pick Us

Why Pick Us?!


Heck, if I know?!

I mean..seriously, “Why Not” is the better question.
We are a trustworthy home buying company with a lot of raving customer reviews.

Besides I HIGHLY encourage you get a few quotes from our competitors and a realtor to ensure you know exactly what your home is worth, before you go accepting random offers.

Successful Property Closing
Logan Bush

Cash Home Buyer, House Flipper, & Avid Snowboarder.

Hi there, I’m Logan…and I’ve probably watched too many episodes of Fixer Upper and House Hunters Renovation.

I have a passion for renovating and flipping houses, living the life I love and working my dream job side be side with my life-partner.

We are problem-solvers that know how to create solutions for our customers regardless of their circumstances.

Mia & I have a ton of experience, buying and rehabbing houses throughout Colorado and the Front Range.

Solving difficult problems and getting the highest possible offers for sellers is our specialty.

What You See Is What You Get!

We are not your typical “suit & tie” home buyer type. We don’t really care for a perceived crafted online image”, either.

What you see is pretty much what you’ll get! Hardworking, honest, fair and reliable! Go ahead, get in touch with us.

Many before you have, and are all very happy customers that received cash for their property as promised!

Our Team!
Thomas Myers

Co-Founder & Content Creator

Thomas is our jack of all trades. He works closely with Joan, our SEO & Marketing Specialist, to create in-depth real estate content. He enjoys playing chess, traveling, hiking, and watching movies in his spare time.

Richard Brett

Acquisitions Manager

Richard is our Denver acquisitions manager. He will meet you at your property, explain how it all works and make you a great offer.

Brenda Spencer

Office Manager

Brenda is our Office Manager & Customer Support Liaison. She makes sure everything runs smoothly with the team for anything and everything admin, and internal affairs.

Alex Gomez

Book Keeper & Treasurer

Alex is in charge of book keeping. He tracks all our expenses and makes sure we get severely disciplined when we go over budget!

Joan Williams

Marketing & SEO Specialist

Joan is in charge of our paid marketing Campaigns and Internet Marketing strategies to get us found online.

No Fixing Needed.
Before and after Kitchen Renovation

When we say “We Buy Houses “as-is” in any condition”, we really do mean, in ANY condition! Take what you want & leave the rest, when you sell your house to “NeedToSellMyHouseFastinDenver“!

Yes, that is absolutely correct, food in the fridge, dirt on the floor, clothes, trash everywhere, appliances, and boxes, it does not matter how bad it is. We don’t judge.

We Buy Houses For Cash Colorado

In order to remain in the real estate & house flipping business we needed an influx of people in need to sell their house quickly for cash.

As not many homeowner’s know about cash house buyers that has proven to be a challenge for most businesses like ours.

But not us!

We have mastered the art of Online Marketing so that good folks like you can easily find us online, to sell your house to, in a fair reliable and fast way.


It is crucial that any service provider can show beyond a doubt that they are reliable, credible and competent. It is just too much effort to try to come across as credible. So we do not put any effort into this.

Instead, we decided to be natural, our selves, kind and honest. We are confident that if one is honest, it will naturally show in the way they act, what they say, and actions performed.


We promise to be fair, to never take advantage of the misfortunes of others, and we will do whatever it takes to come to a win-win transaction.

sell my house fast Ft. Walton Beach FL

We do not take advantage of others, and we firmly believe that a person in distress needs someone that can help, not someone that will take advantage of the situation.

You can count on us to be there for you, on your side, always honest and we will do our best to genuinely be the solution to your real estate hardships.

Give us a try and you will see!

“We, like you, are people that like to be treated with respect, honor, integrity, and understanding, and this is how you will be treated as well.”

-Logan Bush

We are a real estate investment company that buys, rehabs, and then sells houses at a profit. Offers are made to sellers based on fair market value and repairs needed. "NeedToSellMyHouseFastinDenver" will do everything possible to bring forth the highest possible offer to give the seller the most benefit from dealing with a fast sale.

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